Thursday, August 29, 2019


MudHoney Adrian Desk
MudHoney Adrian Office Chair
MudHoney Adrian Computer
MudHoney Adrian Keyboard
MudHoney Adrian Computer Mouse
MudHoney Adrian Desk Plaque
MudHoney Adrian Files
Available @ Mudhoney Mainstore

Sassy Messy Futon (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Available @ Chez Moi Mainstore

Raindale - Borlon drapes (half open drapes +cornice)
Available @ Raindale Mainstore

uK - Summer Gift Art Set
- Past Gift from Fameshed Birthday Round - 

 - Other Decor - 
Ariskea[Mika] Velour Rug
{what next} Bailey Picture Shelf (small)
floorplan. watercolor flower crown
{Petite Maison} Stop and Smell the Roses Print
{Petite Maison} Taylor Tray & Books
dust bunny . hinged vase flowers
.peaches. Resolutions Clutter - Personal Assistant
.peaches. Resolutions Clutter - Planner
.peaches. Resolutions Clutter - Pens
-tres blah- Workspace - Tablet
JIAN Kitten Booties :: Decor Sleepies
Apple Fall Cushion - Satin, Bronze
[IK] Ellen Living - Sideboard
[IK] Ellen Living - Deco
[IK] Ellen Living - Watercolor
[IK] Ellen Living - Plant
JIAN Sneaky Snacker :: Chip & Dip Italian Greyhound

Friday, August 23, 2019

We Run This Beach

I've always wanted to live on the beach, or at least go stay in a beach house for the summer. Can't lie that setting up this beautiful little Lagoon Beach Cottage set from {Old Barn Door} at the Baja Norte Sim was both fun and rewarding to spend an afternoon at the beach! Even it if was only Second Life, I still enjoyed my time by the water! ♥♥

Tune  We Run This Beach

{Old Barn Door} Lagoon Beach Cottage Set

All items Available @ the {Old Barn Door} Mainstore

{OBD} Lagoon Beach Cottage
{OBD} Lagoon Chair
{OBD} Lagoon Lantern
{OBD} Lagoon Doormat
{OBD} Lagoon Curtains
{OBD} Lagoon Table
{OBD} Lagoon Breakfast
{OBD} Lagoon Sofa [A]
{OBD} Lagoon Clock

{OBD} Lagoon Kitchen
{OBD} Lagoon Mini Fridge
{OBD} Lagoon Microwave
{OBD} Lagoon Cookware
{OBD} Lagoon Kettle
{OBD} Lagoon Mixer [Yellow]
{OBD} Lagoon Basket
{OBD} Lagoon Bowls
{OBD} Lagoon Soap Dispenser
{OBD} Lagoon Utensils
{OBD} Lagoon Dishes
{OBD} Lagoon Cleaners
{OBD} Lagoon Books
{OBD} Lagoon Trash
{OBD} Lagoon Stool
{OBD} Lagoon Plant
{OBD} Lagoon Hutch
{OBD} Lagoon Shelf [White]
{OBD} Lagoon Bed [A]
{OBD} Lagoon End Table
{OBD} Lagoon Clock
{OBD} Lagoon Rug
{OBD} Lagoon Table
{OBD} Lagoon Breakfast
{OBD} Lagoon Sofa [A]

- Other Decor - 
KAZZA - Beach Wall Deco - Anchor frame
KAZZA - Beach Wall Deco - Clock
(Luc.) Serenity Mist Abstract Painting

Cousin Jake's Room

{Old Barn Door} Jake's Room Set All items Available @ the {Old Barn Door} Mainstore

{OBD} Jake's Room Bed 1
{OBD} Jake's Room Rug
{OBD} Jake's Room Lamp
{OBD} Jake's Room Night Stand
{OBD} Jake's Room Desk
{OBD} Jake's Room Desk Chair
{OBD} Jake's Room Locker
{OBD} Jake's Room Poster 1
{OBD} Jake's Room Poster 2
{OBD} Jake's Room Stop Sign
{OBD} Jake's Room Computer
{OBD} Jake's Room Mousepad 
{OBD} Jake's Room Punkie
{OBD} Jake's Room Light
{OBD} Jake's Room Etch Sketch
{OBD} Jake's Room Globe
{OBD} Jake's Room Rubics Cube
{OBD} Jake's Room Pens
{OBD} Jake's Room Beanbag 
{OBD} Jake's Room Keyboard
{OBD} Jake's Room Tv
{OBD} Jake's Room Remote
{OBD} Jake's Room Counter
{OBD} Jake's Room Books
{OBD} Jake's Room PS4
{OBD} Jake's Room Gameboy
{OBD} Jake's Room Radio
{OBD} Jake's Room CD Tower

- Other Decor - 
Curtain Moroccan Spring CHEZ MOI
JIAN Boston Terrier :: Wanderer
ROOST - Foxford Hill House

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Go Coastal

13. Lagom - Saltwater Dreams [ Sofa Adult ] RARE C/M
01. Lagom - Saltwater Dreams [ Table ] C/M
12. Lagom - Saltwater Dreams [ Dog Bed ] C/M
04. Lagom - Saltwater Dreams [ Tea ] C/M
08. Lagom - Saltwater Dreams [ Books ] C/M
10. Lagom - Saltwater Dreams [ Decor Pillow ] C/M
- Past Gacha from July's round of Access- Now available @ Lagom Mainstore

TLC Wearable Animesh Companion dog - Parson Russell Terrier*
Available @ TLC Animals Mainstore

- Other Decor - 
{what next} Draped Curtains (LINEN)
{what next} Border Rug (natural)  - small
KAZZA - Beach Wall Deco - 3 Star frame
KAZZA - Beach Wall Deco - Turtle frame
KAZZA - Beach Wall Deco - Whale
KAZZA - Beach Wall Deco - Star frame
KAZZA - Beach Wall Deco - Infinity frame
KAZZA - Beach Wall Deco - Paddle
tarte. mermaids only
tarte. nantucket fishing net
..::THOR::.. Drift Boat Table
..::THOR::.. DIY wooden stool 1
..::THOR::.. DIY wooden stool 2
Naturally Wrinkled Nautical Rug 05
Ariskea[Abaca] SailBoat Painting [1]
Ariskea[Abaca] Cabinet Beige
Ariskea[Abaca] Clock Decor
Ariskea[Abaca] Coral Decor
Ariskea[Abaca] DriftWood Round Decor
Apple Fall Seaside Candle
(Luc.) Serenity Mist Abstract Painting

Monday, August 19, 2019

Blowin' Smoke

" Well, we all say that we'll quit someday;

When our ship comes in, we'll just sail away... But we're just blowin' smoke."
Anybody that knows me a bit off of Second Life knows that I am a waitress in the real world, so when I heard this song recently on the radio, I barely knew the words but I caught on to the chorus quick and fell in love with the song because oh, can I relate. Some days are more stressful than others, but some days it's worth it and I wouldn't trade it for the world. But on those bad days you just need to sit down and have a good smoke. 

Carolina Wooden Table CHEZ MOI
Carolina Wooden Chair CHEZ MOI
Currently available @ The Liasion Collaborative

Orchid Colors  CHEZ MOI
Past event exclusive for Shiny Shabby

Refuge - Wish Bucket Purple/Silver
Available @ Refuge Mainstore

crate Prissy Puffer - Decor Set VIP Prize
crate Prissy Puffer - Plaintain Chips
crate Prissy Puffer - Kombucha
Currently available @ The Epiphany

- Other Decor - 

Kalopsia - Tessa's Hanging Chair
hive // areca palm plant
BackBone Wicker Sectional Sofa - PG
Ariskea [ August] Daisy Tea Decor 
Onsu - Magnolia

We'll Be the Stars

{C&C} Technomancer's Mat - With Phone
Currently available @ Loading... 

MH Elara Bed Adult
MH Elara Bed Drapes
MH Elara Mirror
MH Elara Nightstand
MH Elara Dresser
 Available @ the Mudhoney Mainstore

llorisen // boule table lamp I
llorisen // boule floor lamp I
Available @ Llorisen Mainstore

Tuesdays Constellation Frame - Pisces
Tuesdays Constellation Frame - Libra
Items available @ Tuesday's Mainstore

- Other Decor - 
Soy. Pinned Astronomy Wall Decor - Back Sky [optional parts]
Dahlia - Cassiopeia - Starburst Wallart - Gold
Dahlia - Cassiopeia - Starburst Wallart - Silver
:CP: Book Decor Dollarbie Shortstack
[Merak] - Starry Telescope
.peaches. Resolutions Clutter - Personal Assistant
Fancy Decor: Celeste Star Sculpture
{moss&mink} Forever & Always
{moss&mink} Hallway seat
MishMish - Moonlight Fox - Teal - Stance 
MishMish - Moonlight Fox - Teal - Sleeping
DISORDERLY. / Sparkle Jars / Stack of Jars
DISORDERLY. / Sparkle Jars / Side Jar w/ extra jar

Monday, August 12, 2019

Sweet Clio's Kitchen

There's nothing like a sweet popsicle while standing in the kitchen on a hot summer day. Make sure you grab your cream popsicles from Lagom @ TLC this month before the summer ends and they melt away!

Lagom - Cream popsicles [ Watermelon ]
Lagom - Cream popsicles [ Summer Mix ]
Lagom - Cream popsicles [ Lemonade ]
Lagom - Cream popsicles [ Strawberry ]
Lagom - Cream popsicles [ Ramune ]
Cream Popsicles currently available @ The Liasion Collaborative
Mudhoney Clio Kitchen - Pantry
Mudhoney Clio Kitchen - Fridge
MudHoney Clio Base Cab Drawers - Tex Change
MudHoney Clio Base Cab Doors - Tex Change
MudHoney Clio Tall Up Glass L - Tex Change
MudHoney Clio Tall Up Glass R - Tex Change
MudHoney Clio Tall Up R - Tex Change
MudHoney Clio Dbl Tall Up - Tex Change
MudHoney Clio Hutch w Glass - Tex Change
MudHoney Clio Corner Cab R - Tex Change
MudHoney Clio Dishwasher - Tex Change
MudHoney Clio Range - Tex Change
MudHoney Clio Range Hood - Tex Change
MudHoney Clio Island - Tex Change
Full Kitchen available @ the Mudhoney Mainstore

MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Small Plates
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Measuring Cups
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Plates
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Grinders
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Silverware
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Bowls
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Cups
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Toaster RARE
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Cannisters
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Knife Block
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Utensils
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Pot Rack ULTRA RARE
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Pans
Mudhoney Kitchen Clutter Gacha @ the Mudhoney Mainstore

- Other Decor - 
dust bunny . kitchen clutter . banana hanger
ACORN Vintage Bread Bin -Wood
{vespertine}treat yoself 2 - box of donuts
Cookbook and Eggs CHEZ MOI
dust bunny . kitchen clutter . spice rack . white
dust bunny . homemade soup . prep board
dust bunny . kitchen clutter . cutting boards
dust bunny . homemade soup . pot of soup . silver
Kalopsia - Junie's Curtain

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Dog Mom Life

Hi there, I'm Lydia. And I'm a dog mom. I have the cutest puppy in my first life, that when I saw that TLC came out with a Puppy Gacha in their mainstore that had Pinscher puppies I was over the moon the moment I saw it... I just had to have them because my puppy in real life is also a pinscher and so I had to have him with me in both worlds. If there's one thing I love the most in this world after a long day at work it's coming home and snuggling with my fur-child and getting a face full of wet puppy kisses, it literally melts all the stress of the day away. What can I say except that dogs are pretty magical. Not to mention this awesome Paw-bell hall tree from Raindale that I picked up a while ago at the Mad Pea Pet Friends Fair is pretty comfy to cuddle with my pups on!

View on Flickr Here.

Tune: Dog Mom Rap

TLC Pincher WIth Friend
TLC Pincher In Box
TLC Sleepy Dalmation
TLC Animated Puppies Gacha available @ TLC Animals Mainstore

.:Short Leash:. Perfect Pet Bed - Bone // Fatpack
.:Short Leash:. Squeaky Bone Mouth Toy - Logo
.:Short Leash:. Loyally Leashed Retractable Leash Holder
.:Short Leash:. Mr. Bear Plushie
Available @ the Short Leash Mainstore

Tuesdays Drama Stool
Available @ Tuesday's Mainstore

- Other Decor
Raindale - Pawbell hall tree (with decor)
dust bunny . laundry room clutter . hanging tote bag
+Half-Deer+ Dog Clutter - ALL - Bowl of Food
+Half-Deer+ Dog Clutter - ALL - Bowl of Water
+Half-Deer+ Dog Clutter - Dog Food Spilled
+Half-Deer+ Dog Clutter - ALL - Leash on Floor
+Half-Deer+ Dog Clutter - ALL - Toy Tennis Ball
+Half-Deer+ Dog Clutter - ALL - Dog Food Bag
+Half-Deer+ Dog Clutter - ALL - Toy Bone
JIAN Boston Terrier :: Wanderer - Rez me!
{what next} Casablanca Rug (natural)  - small

- On Lydia - 
GENUS Project - Genus Head - Baby Face W001 - v1.6 - Mocap
/TRUTH/ Horizon
Pink Fuel - Delina - Biscuit (Genus)
Maitreya Lara 4.1
Michan - Hanna Lashes (Genus) (At Mainstore)
Cae :: Princess :: Collar <Peanut>
RKKN. Amelia's T-Shirt Olive/Maitreya
RKKN. Amelia's Jeans Navy wo/Prints /Maitreya
RKKN. Streetwear Sneakers - FatPack F - Maitreya