Blog Policy

There's just a few things I want to throw out there that you should, or may want to know about me + my life that overall does affect my blogging occasionally!

I work in retail in real life. So I work, like, a lot. So I'm mostly on late nights when I'm doing my blogging, but that is my hermit time away from the rest of the world after I've dealt with people all day. So if I seem a bit antisocial when you talk to me at night, I promise you I'm not, I'm just unwinding from a long day in customer service. 

Items Featured On My Blog. I blog both sponsored items and items I have bought.  Details about my sponsors can be found on my Sponsors page.  My sponsor list is quite full right now, however if you would like me to blog a single item or event, feel free to get in touch with me and we can talk about it.  Information on how to do that can be found on my Contact Me page.

I am in the BDSM Lifestyle, and have an ongoing real-life relationship with a wonderful man who has recently joined second life with me whilst we explore both our normal relationship as well as our D/s & DD/lg dynamic in the real world and experiment online as well with the interactive world of Second Life. So some of my content may be NSFW images over time, just to give everybody a heads up!

Criticism is my both my biggest strength and my biggest downfall. Honestly, I do truly enjoy criticism from both you, my wonderful sponsors; as well from other bloggers to get a second opinion sometimes when I feel something doesn't look right... I am also my own worst critic when I feel like I'm either overdoing something or not doing enough to give a post my absolute best effort. But by all means, criticism is always appreciated, there is always room for improvement, especially for me to learn and grow as a blogger. 

I'm an animal mom. I have two dogs, three cats, a bird & a bearded dragon.  I have a house full of fur, feathers & scales! These creatures are my children and I love talking about them ♥

ADHD. I get distracted halfway through projects and I'll start a new one in the process, but I will always come back and finish what I started!
I appreciate all forms of criticism on my blog posts and I love all feedback I receive on my work so I can learn from where I'm struggling and do my best to progress.

I'm still relatively new to using Blogger/Blogspot so if I do something that looks out of whack or abnormal don't be afraid to point it out to me!