Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Dog Mom Life

Hi there, I'm Lydia. And I'm a dog mom. I have the cutest puppy in my first life, that when I saw that TLC came out with a Puppy Gacha in their mainstore that had Pinscher puppies I was over the moon the moment I saw it... I just had to have them because my puppy in real life is also a pinscher and so I had to have him with me in both worlds. If there's one thing I love the most in this world after a long day at work it's coming home and snuggling with my fur-child and getting a face full of wet puppy kisses, it literally melts all the stress of the day away. What can I say except that dogs are pretty magical. Not to mention this awesome Paw-bell hall tree from Raindale that I picked up a while ago at the Mad Pea Pet Friends Fair is pretty comfy to cuddle with my pups on!

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Tune: Dog Mom Rap

TLC Pincher WIth Friend
TLC Pincher In Box
TLC Sleepy Dalmation
TLC Animated Puppies Gacha available @ TLC Animals Mainstore

.:Short Leash:. Perfect Pet Bed - Bone // Fatpack
.:Short Leash:. Squeaky Bone Mouth Toy - Logo
.:Short Leash:. Loyally Leashed Retractable Leash Holder
.:Short Leash:. Mr. Bear Plushie
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Tuesdays Drama Stool
Available @ Tuesday's Mainstore

- Other Decor
Raindale - Pawbell hall tree (with decor)
dust bunny . laundry room clutter . hanging tote bag
+Half-Deer+ Dog Clutter - ALL - Bowl of Food
+Half-Deer+ Dog Clutter - ALL - Bowl of Water
+Half-Deer+ Dog Clutter - Dog Food Spilled
+Half-Deer+ Dog Clutter - ALL - Leash on Floor
+Half-Deer+ Dog Clutter - ALL - Toy Tennis Ball
+Half-Deer+ Dog Clutter - ALL - Dog Food Bag
+Half-Deer+ Dog Clutter - ALL - Toy Bone
JIAN Boston Terrier :: Wanderer - Rez me!
{what next} Casablanca Rug (natural)  - small

- On Lydia - 
GENUS Project - Genus Head - Baby Face W001 - v1.6 - Mocap
/TRUTH/ Horizon
Pink Fuel - Delina - Biscuit (Genus)
Maitreya Lara 4.1
Michan - Hanna Lashes (Genus) (At Mainstore)
Cae :: Princess :: Collar <Peanut>
RKKN. Amelia's T-Shirt Olive/Maitreya
RKKN. Amelia's Jeans Navy wo/Prints /Maitreya
RKKN. Streetwear Sneakers - FatPack F - Maitreya