Thursday, September 24, 2020


KraftWork . The Georgetown House
Available now @ Kustom9!

{what next} 'Hello Fall' Welcome Mat - with leaves
Available @ {What Next} Mainstore

{what next} Copper Fall Sign (w/lights)
{what next} Copper Fall Pumpkins
Previously released for FLF @ {What Next} Mainstore

tarte. english ivy A
tarte. english ivy A - mirrored
tarte. english ivy B - mirrored
tarte. english ivy C - mirrored
tarte. english ivy D
tarte. english ivy E - mirrored
Available now @ N21

tarte. small maple tree B - higher li
available @ tarte. mainstore

Other Decor
BackBone Lady of the Lake Fountain
Apple Fall Magnolia Leaf Wreath
Serenity Style- Alabama Rocking Chair Couples
Serenity Style- Alabama Porch Table 1
hive // pumpkin patch wagon . group gift
HISA - Wall Foliage - G
HISA - Wall Foliage - B
HISA - Wall Foliage - E
HISA - Wall Foliage - A
Stormwood: Roman Paving Stone Floor D

Monday, September 21, 2020

Cozy Living


KraftWork Provence . Table Candleholder
KraftWork Provence . Decorative Globe
KraftWork Provence . Decorative Books
KraftWork Provence . Agate Stand
available @ kraftwork mainstore

KraftWork Provence . Coffee Table
available @ kraftwork mainstore

tarte. cozy autumn - fireplace
tarte. cozy autumn - firewood
tarte. eucalyptus branches
tarte. oversized quote frame
tarte. wooden picture end
tarte. wooden cage decor
tarte. metal lantern
available @ kustom9

KOPFKINO - Amaryllis
available @ cosmopolitan until october 3rd
then available @ Kopfkino mainstore inworld 

(Luc.) Royal Butter Cookies Tin (Decor)
available @ lucas lameth mainstore

Tuesdays Water Pitcher - Fatpack
available @ tuesdays mainstore

[Kres] Adult Awards - Daddy - C/M
[Kres] Adult Awards - Babygirl - C/M
gacha machine playable @ krescendo mainstore

.peaches. Ainsley Desk Set - Dog Statue (Metal)
available @ peaches. mainstore

SAYO - From the Farm Set - Pumpkin Patch Centerpiece
available @ sayo. mainstore

Granola. Chalk Pumpkins & Beads. RARE.
- from gypsy soul gacha - available @ granola. mainstore

{what next} Bailey Coffee Cup
- part of bailey coffee table set- available @ {what next} mainstore

other decor featured -
KraftWork . The Georgetown House
Astralia - Cozy Livingroom (sofa) Adult
Apple Fall Snowdrops in Cloche
18. *SS* Pastel Harvest [Wax Jar ]
16. *SS* Pastel Harvest [Wax burner O ]
{moss&mink} 3k  VIPs - Exclusive Record Player
{moss&mink} 3k  VIPs - Exclusive Record Holder
Ariskea[Relaxa] Diffuser Pink
Ariskea[Relaxa] Cherry blossom Candle
{moss&mink} Summers End - Mini Plant 1
{moss&mink} Summers End - Mini Plant 2
{moss&mink} Summers End - Mini Plant 3
{moss&mink} Summers End - Rose Vase & Books
dust bunny . hoya plant
{vespertine} - rainbow book clutter / yellow & red
Apple Fall Pug Ceramic Decor
Fancy Decor: Flora Book Stack
[Merak] - Book Stack w/Lemon Candle
+Half-Deer+ Neatly Folded Blankets - Leaves
Fancy Decor: Pride Bookends
Muniick Mixed Muette Book Stack
{moss&mink} Summers End - Stone Fruit
{moss&mink} Summers End - Books 1
{moss&mink} Summers End - Books 2
dust bunny . gumball machine . magenta
Apple Fall Ornamental Elephant - Bronze
Astralia - Cozy Livingroom (tray)
Con & Dust Bunny . Gracie Living Room - Blanket Basket
Apple Fall Open Book
{moss&mink} Summers End - Palm Tray
Jian :: Red Fox (Static - Sleeping L)
Fancy Decor: Henrik Rug

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Out like a Light


Sometimes you just get so tired from everything, that once your head hits the pillow at night, you're out like a light.

tarte. ruffle bottom curtain (pink)
Previously released @ N21
Now available @ tarte. mainstore

.:Short Leash:. Sadistic Pleasures Paddle Placard
Available @ Short Leash Mainstore

SAYO - Mondrian Bed - A - Deluxe Pack
Currently available @ FaMESHed

.peaches. Ainsley Desk Set - Desk (Light)
Previously released for TSS @ .peaches. mainstore

.peaches. Inked Set - Small Book Stack
.peaches. Inked Set - Clip Board
.peaches. Inked Set - Tablet
Previously released for FLF @ .peaches. mainstore

[Kres] Elegant Frames - Stardust - Gold
[Kres] Elegant Frames - Calm - Wood
Currently @ The Black Fair 

Refuge - Emma Desk Lamp Pink
Part of the Emma Desk Set previously released @ FaMESHed
Now available @ Refuge Mainstore

Other Decor Featured:
Pitaya - Velvet Armchair 2.0 BABY PINK
Fancy Decor: Maddox Neon Light
Foxwood - Little Lady - Ssleep Decor
14. Lagom - Goth-ish [ Swotch Pink ]
dust bunny . sweet dreams . chest of drawers . wide
dust bunny . sweet dreams . fiddle leaf tree
Fancy Decor: Tartt Lounger

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Modern Kitchen


If there's one thing in this world that gives me a super satisfied feeling, it's a clean, organized kitchen. Everything in it's place and everything has a home. I know that sounds crazy to some of y'all, but anybody who knows me personally knows that I have a severe case of ADHD which in turn makes me super OCD about things. I can't even begin to explain how crazy it makes me feel some days, but once I get things the way I want them, all is right with the world. Not to mention, showcasing this amazingly neat pantry set from MudHoney makes me even happier because it's pretty much my dream pantry in a nutshell. 

MudHoney Pantry Basket Black 2
MudHoney Pantry Basket Black 3
MudHoney Pantry Basket White 1
MudHoney Pantry Basket White 2
MudHoney Pantry Basket White 3 
MudHoney Pantry Cannister Brown Sugar 
MudHoney Pantry Cannister Chocolate 
MudHoney Pantry Cannister Flour 
MudHoney Pantry Cannister Oatmeal
MudHoney Pantry Cannister Popcorn
MudHoney Pantry Cannister Rice 
MudHoney Pantry Cannister Sprinkles 
MudHoney Pantry Cannister Sugar 
MudHoney Pantry Cereal Cannister 1
MudHoney Pantry Cereal Cannister 2 
MudHoney Pantry Crate 1 
MudHoney Pantry Crate 2 
MudHoney Pantry Noodles Cannister 1 
MudHoney Pantry Noodles Cannister 2 
MudHoney Pantry Oils 
MudHoney Pantry Spice Rack 
MudHoney Pantry Tall Shelves 
MudHoney Pantry Tin Cannister Short 
MudHoney Pantry Tin Cannister Tall 
MudHoney Pantry Wine Rack 
Gacha available now @ The Arcade

- Other Decor - 
Second Spaces - Cluttered House - charging station
Apple Fall Mixer - White & Gold
dust bunny & con . rosemary kitchen . black . corner
dust bunny & con . rosemary kitchen . black . dishwasher
dust bunny & con . rosemary kitchen . black . microwave 
dust bunny & con . rosemary kitchen . black . rounded r 
dust bunny & con . rosemary kitchen . black . single drawers 
dust bunny & con . rosemary kitchen . black . sink 
dust bunny & con . rosemary kitchen . black . wide 2 
dust bunny & con . rosemary kitchen decor . dishes 1 
dust bunny & con . rosemary kitchen decor . dishes 11
dust bunny & con . rosemary kitchen decor . dishes 2 
dust bunny & con . rosemary kitchen decor . dishes 4 
dust bunny & con . rosemary kitchen decor . dishes 5 
dust bunny & con . rosemary kitchen decor . dishes 6 
dust bunny & con . rosemary kitchen decor . dishes 7 
dust bunny & con . rosemary kitchen decor . dishes 8 
dust bunny & con . rosemary kitchen decor . dishes 9 
dust bunny & con . rosemary kitchen decor . knive block . dk 

Friday, September 11, 2020

Be Zen and drink Saké

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Sometimes when life gets crazy we just need to chill out and be zen, and if that doesn't work, pick up a sake, or whatever you have to drink and just kick back, because everything is going to be alright. 

KraftWork Zen Refuge . Gazebo RARE
KraftWork Zen Refuge . Wooden Step
KraftWork Zen Refuge . Tatami Rug
KraftWork Zen Refuge . Asian Coffee Table Dark
KraftWork Zen Refuge . Asian Lamp
KraftWork Zen Refuge . Asian Bench
KraftWork Zen Refuge . Zen Music Box
KraftWork Zen Refuge . Water Barrel
KraftWork Zen Refuge . Tatami Rug
KraftWork Zen Refuge . Ceramic Mobile
KraftWork Zen Refuge . Metal Chimes
KraftWork Zen Refuge . Mud Spa
KraftWork Zen Refuge . Meditation Table
KraftWork Zen Refuge . Zen Garden Miniature
KraftWork Zen Refuge . Spa Single Towel
KraftWork Zen Refuge . Bamboo Vase
KraftWork Zen Refuge . Meditation Cushion
KraftWork Zen Refuge . Buddha Vase
Gacha available currently @ September round of Arcade

Granola. Keomi Sake Dispenser White.
Granola. Keomi Sake Bottle.
Granola. Keomi Bamboo Mat.
Now available @ September round of Equal10

E-Girl Dreams

.:Short Leash:. Gent's Essentials Tray // Decor Version
Available currently @ Manly Arena
Will be available @ Short Leash Mainstore after the event

[Kres] Kinky Streamer - Desk - Pink - C/M
[Kres] Kinky Streamer - Chair - Pink - C/M
[Kres] Kinky Streamer - Controllers - Pink - C/M
[Kres] Kinky Streamer - PC Tower - Pink - C/M
[Kres] Kinky Streamer - Headset Stand - Pink - C/M
[Kres] Kinky Streamer - Desk - Pink - C/M
[Kres] Kinky Streamer - Neon - C/M
[Kres] Kinky Streamer - YouCum Award - White - C/M
[Kres] Kinky Streamer - Charging - Toys - Pink - C/M
Available @ Krescendo Mainstore

[Kres] Bad Babe - Locker - Black - RARE - C/M
[Kres] Bad Babe - Shelf - Black - C/M
[Kres] Bad Babe - Mini Fridge - Black - RARE - C/M
[Kres] Bad Babe - Shelf - Black - C/M
[Kres] Bad Babe - Peach Neon - C/M
[Kres] Bad Babe - Polaroid Camera - Black - C/M
[Kres] Bad Babe - Cassettes - C/M
[Kres] Bad Babe - Mirror - White - C/M
[Kres] Bad Babe - Spoiled Plate - C/M
[Kres] Bad Babe - Pictures - Pink - C/M
[Kres] Bad Babe - Kitten Cola - Drinkable (Hold) - C/M
Available @ Krescendo Mainstore

[Kres] Sugar Suite - Ashtray - White - C/M
[Kres] Sugar Suite - Makeout Table - White - C/M
Available @ Kinky
(Aug 28 - Sept 22)

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

The Other Side


Inspiration: The Other Side - Lauren Alaina

So those who are close to me, or at least follow me on flickr, you know I lost my real life mother to her battle with cancer at the beginning of this year. What a rocky start to this... hectic year it has been. This post was inspired by her, believe it or not. I was going through a playlist of songs that make me think of her and one of the songs from her services came on and in a weird way, it inspired me - considering I've been in a bit of an art block lately, I couldn't be more thankful. Granted I have to admit every time this song comes on anywhere I immediately start crying. Its just one of those days that I miss her more and more. I know grieving never really gets easier, it just gets to be more manageable... I think. But at the end of the day I look up at the sky and know she's watching me, always right with me in my heart.

When I was working on this landscaping and shopping around, I got this awesome little waterfall from Two Moons Gardens as a current group gift and it looked so picture worthy I just had to snap a picture sitting by it. 

- Pose - 
Kopfkino Female Bento Pose Pack I - 03 (m)
Recently released @ Kopfkino Mainstore

- On Lydia -
LeLutka // Erin
Stealthic // Sultry
Heaux // Ocean Eyes - Sky

Kibitz // Fleur's Necklace
Cae // Princess :: Collar <Peanut>

Addams // Addison Loose Sweater
Addams // Addison Laced Bralette
Addams // Addison Leather Pants with Belt
REIGN.// Fringe Boots - Camel

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

It's (F)all Fun and Games...

*Special thanks to my awesome sister Izzy for lending me her living room to blog* ♥

Granola. Olivia Sofa. Mono PG
Granola. Olivia Accent Table Beige.

Granola. Olivia Craspedia White.
Available now @ FaMESHed 

Granola. Zolia Foot Stool. Green.

Granola. Zolia Sunflowers.
Available now @ UBER

.:Short Leash:. Prized Possession Cabinet // Silver Hardware

- Other Decor - 
dust bunny . hoya plant
[Con.] Vada Bookcase - Wood
Kraftwork Kess Corner Unit & Clutter . Hanging Ivy
{moss&mink} 3 Tier Planter (Lt Wood)
{moss&mink} Felt flower wallpiece
Con & Dust Bunny . Gracie Living Room - Floor Lamp
{moss&mink}Bailey coffee table - Light
Second Spaces - Cluttered House - pile of board games
*Second Spaces* dice throw set
Con & Dust Bunny . Gracie Living Room - Bag Clutter