Monday, December 27, 2021

White Christmas


I'm dreaming.... of a white... christmas...

Astralia - Festive Streetlamp (Snowy Green)
Available at Anthem

Astralia - Santa's Ornaments (Balloons Arch)
Astralia - Santa's Ornaments (Giftboxes pile)
Previously released at Uber
Now available at the Astralia Mainstore

tarte. twinkling twig tree A (natural)
tarte. twinkling twig tree B (white)
tarte. twinkling twig tree B (natural)
Previously released for N21

{what next} Small Crown Lantern (silver)
Available at the {what next} mainstore

.Other Decor.
DaD "Les Memoires Christmas Tree" unlinked c/m
DaD "Les Memoires Ornamental seat Deer L" c/m
DaD "Les Memoires Ornamental Fawn curledR" c/m
DaD "Les Memoires Ornamental Stand Deer L" c/m
DaD "Les Memoires Christmas Tree Skirt Cream" c/m
LB_Alaska.v1{4Seasons}1. AF English Folly RARE