Monday, September 27, 2021

Welcome Fall

 It's officially fall, and almost the beginning of spooky season! Had to share my front porch deco of some of the best stuff on the grid right now. If you haven't grabbed these things  yet, you are missing out! ♥

tarte. layered doormat (fall)
tarte. topiary basket
tarte. apple basket
tarte. firewood basket
tarte. rain boots
- Available now @ Equal10!

BackBone Plushie - Cat O'Lantern
BackBone Plushie - Pumpkin Uwu
BackBone Plushie - Candycorn Uwu
BackBone Plushie - Lil Reaper
BackBone Plushie - Grumpy Lil Boo
Past group gift but still available now for purchase at the Backbone Mainstore!

Astralia - SkellyCorn Inflatable Lantern (Dark)
- Available now @ Uber!

.other decor. 
DISORDERLY. / Harvest Wreath / Multicolor
{moss&mink} Tania Rocking Chair

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Summer Lovin'


on lydia.
lelutka. lilly
gloom. malicious eyes
magika. irene
glam affair. bibi
identity. boss chick - eyeshadow
ladybird. mercedes liptint
legacy. classic female
ari pari. paw choker
qe designs. maui bikini

on futaba.
lelutka. skylar
lelutka. default eyes
werx. ddos cap
stray dog. seth facial hair - tintable
not found. rob skin - ruddy
legacy. classic male
king. eyeglasses black
werx. ddos woof
dappa. akuryo

extra. dog days of summer poses & pool

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Gamer's Solace


Gaming is my life. I've been playing videogames for as long as I can remember. Nothing better than staying up into the early hours of the morning finally beating that final boss you've been stuck on for days, only to pass out from exhaustion shortly after from a lack of sleep. But even then, you fall asleep happy because you overcame a challenge. Not only that, playing videogames at night time has always been the most relaxing to me. Maybe it's because I didn't have to fight anybody for the internet, LOL. Anyways. I have recently been blessed with the honor of representing BackBone, one of the best brands on the grid when it comes to gaming decor. Today I just want to show off a few of their things that are both new, and my absolute favorites that they have created. ♥

BackBone Gamer's Heaven - Monitor (black)
BackBone Gamer's Heaven - Work Station (black)
BackBone Gamer's Heaven - Desk (black/pink)
BackBone Gamer's Heaven - Chair - Adult
BackBone Gamer's Heaven - Bunny Halo Light (pink)
BackBone Gamer's Heaven - Water Bottle (pink)

BackBone FunnyBone #1 - Naughty Streamer (stand)

BackBone Wall Mount Game Rack - Black

BackBone Pretty Piggy Pillow - Pink

BackBone Gamer Life Lights - White/Pink

BackBone Gaming Bean Bag - PG

BackBone Neon Gamer Poster - Pause My Game
BackBone Neon Gamer Poster - Player 2

BackBone Onigiri Plushie - UwU
BackBone Onigiri Plushie - Loved

BackBone Seifuku Dress  - Black & Pink
BackBone Seifuku Bra - Black
BackBone Seifuku Socks  - Black & Pink
BackBone Seifuku Shoes - White

BackBone Thicc Shroom Lamp - Black
BackBone Thicc Shroom Lamp - Purple
BackBone Thicc Shroom Lamp - Blue
BackBone Thicc Shroom Lamp - Green

All of the BackBone items featured can be found at the BackBone Mainstore

.:Short Leash:. Playtime Punishment Corner Shelf // DECOR
- Available now at the Kinky Event
and then at the Short Leash Mainstore afterwards

.Other Decor.
[Con.] Tri Rug - Dark
+Half-Deer+ Dreamthreader Keyboard - Pink
+Half-Deer+ Dreamthreader Mouse - Pink
Infinite - Barb's Minifridge - Pink