Friday, August 28, 2020

Night Swim

uK - Uptown Fountain Wall Marble
Available for TSS @ UnKindness Mainstore

tarte. triple ball topiary (tall)

Available @ N21

Tuesdays Aries Light Lantern - Fat
Available @ Tuesday's Mainstore

Glam Sofa (PG) CHEZ MOI
Glam Armchair (PG) CHEZ MOI
Glam Ottoman CHEZ MOI
Glam Banana Plant CHEZ MOI
Available @ Shiny Shabby

MudHoney Landon Hot Tub - PG
Available @ Fameshed X

- Other Decor - 
BackBone Patio Fireplace
hive // daisy's pergola [lights on version]
hive // daisy's pergola lights
Stockholm&Lima:Lapland Divider (NoLights)

Boho Chic

(Luc.) Field of Poppies Wall Art, White {High LOD)
Available @ (Luc.) Boutique Mainstore

.:Short Leash:. Devotion Wall Leash // Leash Version
August Short Leash VIP Group Gift Available @ Short Leash Mainstore

.peaches. Vanna Trunk Clutter LI:2
Available @ .Peaches. Mainstore

Granola. Anna Bench. Red/Silver. PG. LI:4
Granola. Anna Deco Tray. LI:1
Granola. Anna Glass Candle. Clear. LI:2
Granola. Anna Glass Candle. Lime. LI:2
Granola. Anna Glass Candle. Rose. LI:2
Granola. Anna Potted Echeveria. LI:2
Granola. Anna Pumpkin Clove Diffuser. LI:2
Available @ Equal10

Granola. Arlet Coat Rack. LI:5
Available @ Granola. Mainstore
KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity - Bag and Shoes white (c) LI:2
KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity - Brush Tray (c) LI:2
KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity - Bust (c) LI:1
KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity - Creams Tray (c) LI:1
KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity - Dressing Table (c) LI:6
KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity - Frame and Apple (c) LI:3
KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity - Macarons VIP (c) LI:1

KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity - Mannequin Dress (c) LI:3
Previously released at a past round of The Epiphany
Gacha machine now available for play @ Kopfkino Mainstore

KraftWork Maresias Bed ADULT LI:20
KraftWork Maresias Floor Lamp Trio LI:5
KraftWork Maresias Side Table LI:2
KraftWork Maresias Wall Mirror LI:1
Now Available @ August round of Uber

KraftWork Moon & Stars Hanging Decor LI:8
Previously released for TSS @ Kraftwork Mainstore

KraftWork Runner Rugs . Boho Set . Red Geometric LI:4
Previously released for TSS @ Kraftwork Mainstore

SAYO - Charlotte Ottoman - A - Deluxe Pack LI:5
Available @ Fameshed

- Other Decor - 
Stockholm&LIma: Sugar&Spice Standing Mirror (Deco Only) LI:4
Crete-Door decoration LI:3
Elm. Cora Closet: Books & Crystal Planter LI:1
Elm. Cora Closet: Cactus [Light] LI:4
Elm. Cora Closet: Clothes Rack [Light] LI:7
Elm. Cora Closet: Decor Boxes LI:1
Elm. Cora Closet: Shelf [Light] LI:1
Elm. Cora Closet: Standing Frames LI:1
dust bunny . bon voyage . lotd LI:3
dust bunny . sweet dreams . curtains . c LI:1

Thursday, August 13, 2020

A Year for the History Books

Okay so let me tell y'all something. First off, I don't miss school at all, not a single bit. But, knowing that several of my former classmates, now friends of mine (well at least on Facebook) are teaches these days, it has me worried. They are going back into this school year and this virus still isn't over. And if you're like me and at least know the basics of being around a child of almost any age, is that most don't listen... well at least. I'm personally scared for what the future holds right now, and already hearing of so many kids being sick when some schools have already re-opened for this 2020-2021 school year, I'm crossing my fingers and praying for a miracle, because I am terribly worried for my friends out there teaching these kids every day that could be sick and not even know it. Pray for your teacher friends, as I'm pretty sure as well that they are not okay.
And here's to hoping for a happy (and safe) 2020-2021 school year.

Also I gotta say, this awesome School Days Gacha from Kopfkino rocks, it almost makes me want to go back to school just to socialize all over again since we've all been stuck in the house so much.... but at a (social) distance of course. 

Inspiration of the day - Arthur Theme Song (2020 Version) 

01. KOPFKINO - School Days - Classroom Skybox RARE
02. KOPFKINO - School Days - Book Shelf
03. KOPFKINO - School Days - Teachers Chair
03. KOPFKINO - School Days - Teachers Table
04. KOPFKINO - School Days - Teachers Clutter
05. KOPFKINO - School Days - Table with chair on top
06. KOPFKINO - School Days - Genius Frames
07. KOPFKINO - School Days - Student Chair
07. KOPFKINO - School Days - Student Table
08. KOPFKINO - School Days - Sink
09. KOPFKINO - School Days - Poster Set Butterfly Poster
09. KOPFKINO - School Days - Poster Set Periodic Table 
09. KOPFKINO - School Days - Poster Set Wall Map 
10. KOPFKINO - School Days - Students Clutter Cute
11. KOPFKINO - School Days - Students Clutter Leather 
14. KOPFKINO - School Days - Student Bag Jeans (wear) 
18. KOPFKINO - School Days - Teachers Bag Dark (wear)
KOPFKINO - School Days - Clutter  VIP Gift 
KOPFKINO - School Days - Student Bag Camouflage (wear) 
Kopfkino School Days Gacha available @ The Epiphany

- Other Decor - 
*Just Peachy* Cute Wall Hooks - BunBun Version 
*Just Peachy* Cute Wall Hooks - Kitty Version 
*Just Peachy* Cute Wall Hooks - Pup Version 
Fancy Decor: Thomas Book Stack 
HPMD* Shrub02 - green d
HPMD* Shrub03 - a 
dust bunny . paradise plants . monstera tree

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Lavish Lavender

KraftWork Taylor Modular Sofa . Middle
KraftWork Taylor Modular Sofa . Corner
KraftWork Taylor Modular Sofa . Ottoman
Available Now @ Uber!

.peaches. Skye's Travel Clutter
Available @ .Peaches. Mainstore

- Other Decor -
{moss&mink} Butterfly Art Print
{moss&mink} Fuschia Wall Planter (White)
{moss&mink} Fuschia Wall Planter (Black)
Ariskea[Mi.] Shelf Decor
BackBone Glitter Curtain Style 1 - Black & White
BackBone Glitter Curtain Style 2 - Black & White
Apple Fall Aspidistra in Wicker Planter
hive // nesting coffee tables . gold
Fancy Decor: Venus Flytrap Mini Planter
Fancy Decor: Milneaux Rug
Foxwood - Boston Pup - Sit
Foxwood - Boston Pup - Lay
llorisen // chester apartment skybox