Sunday, February 26, 2023

Ring for Love



stealthic. havoc. browns
lelutka. siwa
ebody. reborn
glam affair. ryne

velour. picasso babe - juicy muse
velour. freckles add-on
velour. boobs veins. no 2 add-on
velour. stretch marks II - ebody reborn

all available @ the velour. mainstore

Beenicorn. Blushed nails. Coffin
Currently available exclusively at The New Ones
Will be in the Beenicorn Mainstore afterwards

cynful. hilly's cardigan

short leash. adora's collar
Available @ the .:short leash:. mainstore

1 Hundred. Love You Tank. Red
Available at the 1 Hundred Mainstore

epoch. riley skirt
epoch. riley socks

Available at the .epoch. mainstore

adora-tions. dumb baby. chest tattoo. 75%
[ comes with 3 intensities]
Previously released as new for the Kinky69 weekend sale
Now available for full price at the Adora-tions Mainstore

adora-tions. sunflower thigh tattoo. 50%
[ comes with 3 intensities + tintable version]
Previously released as new for the #biggirl event.
Now available at the 
Adora-tions Mainstore

bad unicorn - ring my bell. pg
varitii. paper hearts backdrop
indigo. june static +breathing stands. june 2. p4

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Lovely Lalou


.spruce. accent pillow collection {lover 5}
.spruce. accent pillow collection {lover 1}
.spruce. accent pillow collection {lover 11}
.spruce. accent pillow collection {lover 12}
- Available @ the .Spruce. Mainstore

.spruce. chroma lamp {silver}
- Available @ the .Spruce. Mainstore

Lalou - Ultra Sofa v1.1
- Recently updated! Available @ the Lalou Mainstore

Apple Fall Mercantile Bookshelf
Apple Fall Design Books
Apple Fall Books - Arrangement 4
Apple Fall Books - Arrangement 1
Apple Fall Books - Arrangement 3
Apple Fall Books - Arrangement 2
dust bunny . hoya plant
Acorn Bookends -Dachshund
West Village Vintage Dice Décor
West Village Painted Indian Dough Bowl
KraftWork Bellosguardo Book Collection 2
KraftWork Bellosguardo Book Collection 4
KraftWork Bellosguardo Book Collection 3
hive // floral chandelier . scripted . silver/pink
Tuesdays Wall Frame - Vertical
MudHoney Faye End Table - Greige
hive // hanging bougainvillea plant . pink
{moss&mink} Clarissa House Plant (Lt)

Friday, January 27, 2023

Cocoa Café



lelutka. ora
deetalez. kayla
nuve. gabby brows.
Available at the Nuve. Mainstore

doux. jillian
ebody. reborn
deetalez. reborn body skin. peach

1 Hundred. Talk to Me shirt. Fuchsia
1 Hundred. Talk to Me Top. Lilac
1 Hundred. Talk to Me Jeans. Sky
Available at the 1 Hundred. Mainstore

Adora-tions Basic Bitch Chest Tattoo
New release at the Adora-tions Mainstore

.:Short Leash:. Demure Collar
Available at the Short Leash Mainstore

Buxom. Hawthorne Heels
Michan. Sakura Purse. Pink


extra. out and about. 4

Previously released as new for The New Ones
Full Pack now available at the Extra. Mainstore

.:Short Leash:. Hot Cocoa Full Service Tray - Decor

- Available at the Short Leash Mainstore

Apple Fall Clawfoot Height-Adjusting Table
Apple Fall Cafe Chair
hive // potted plants . cordyline tree . pot a
foxcity. photo booth - corner wineria

Cheeky Pea. Coffee Menu Board
Available at the Cheeky Pea Mainstore

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Visit with Santa


{wn} Large Lighted Christmas Nutcracker #1
{wn} Large Lighted Christmas Nutcracker #2
- Previously released as new for Santa Inc.
- Coming soon to the {What Next} Mainstore

Astralia - Santa meet n'greet (Sofa)
Astralia - Santa meet n'greet (Rug)
Astralia - Santa meet n'greet (Sign)
Astralia - Santa meet n'greet (Bag of Gifts)
- Available now at Anthem

Astralia - Noelle Christmas Tree and gifts
- Available at the Astralia Mainstore

.other decor.
+Half-Deer+ Christmas Set - Traditional - Wreath
Synnergy//Holiday Lobby Backdrop

extra. stand still
- Pose is now retired from the mainstore
- Can still be found on the .Extra. Marketplace

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Milf & Cookies

view in high quality on flickr

extra. milf & cookies
 this pose does come with cookie props!
- previously released on sale new for hump day sale
still available now at the extra. mainstore for full price

.on lydia. 
lelutka. ora
doux. somi
michan. ava lashes
avi-glam. paradise eyes
tutti-belli. rewind. eyeshadow
warpaint. cutie lip tint. bubblegum
wareta. lulu earrings.

nuve. quinn brows
- previously released as new at access
now available at the nuve mainstore

deetalez. faye.
deetalez. ebody reborn body skin
ebody. reborn

adora-tions ink studio. worship me chest tattoo
- previous advent calendar gift item on sale; can now be purchased
for full price at the adora-tions ink studio mainstore

adora-tions ink studio. dirty thigh mixer
- available now at the adora-tions ink studio mainstore

adora-tions ink studio. heathen thigh mixer
- available now at the adora-tions ink studio mainstore

adora-tions ink studio - soft as silk, sweet as honey knee tattoo
- available now at School Day Event until 1/10/23

1 Hundred milf tank top. pink
1 Hundred milf panties. black

- available at the 1 Hundred Mainstore

beenicorn. eleganza nails.
- available now at the beenicorn. mainstore

.on futaba.
lelutka. skyler
not found. rob skin
stray dog. seth facial hair
volkstone. lyo mesh beard
wings. er1105 hair
milo. half frame glasses
legacy. classic
dappa. saber tattoo - faded
erauqs. cole henley shirt
cubura. winter pajamas - rare

{wn} Acorn Cookie Jar
- previously released as new for flf-o-ween
can now be found at the {what next} mainstore

.spruce. grandma's recipe tin {blooms 3}
- available at the .spruce. mainstore

dust bunny & con . shirley kitchen . white
Atelier Burgundy . Azulejo Backsplash
dust bunny . baker's treats bowl
floorplan. leaning letterboard / cookies
[Atomic] Gacha_Merry Baker - Cookie Sheet

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Total Outcasts


All furniture & decor featured in these photos!

Astralia - Outcast High School Dorm (Skybox) LI:62
Astralia - Outcast High School Dorm (Tape) LI:5
Available NOW @ Equal10!

(epia) - Banker's Lamp LI:1
(epia) - Gentleman's Desk LI:2
*Sunny* Derptoro Unscripted LI:1
+Half-Deer+ Book Clutter II - Pastel - Neat Stack Small LI:1
+Half-Deer+ Ceiling Drapes - High - Plain LI:1
+Half-Deer+ Ceiling Drapes - High - Plain (opaque) LI:1
+Half-Deer+ Giant Bear Hug Plush - Light Brown (Small Deco) LI:1
+Half-Deer+ Louretta Writing Desk - Ribbon - Gold LI:1
+Half-Deer+ Scalloped Table Lamp - Black LI:1
+Half-Deer+ Unicorn Plushie - Rainbow (REZ/decor) LI:1

.:Short Leash:. Chubby Stuffies - Patches the Pupper // DECOR LI:2
.:Short Leash:. Chubby Stuffies - Spooky // MEOW Black DECOR LI:2
Available @ the Short Leash Mainstore
.:Short Leash:. Mr. Bear Plushie *wear me* LI:4
Formerly available at the Short Leash Mainstore - This item has been retired.

.spruce. chroma lamp {gold} LI:2
.spruce. ophidian floor lamp {onyx} LI:4
.spruce. ophidian sconce {onyx} LI:1
All items available @ the .Spruce. Mainstore

::DisturbeD:: Sunny the Bunny Plush Toy LI:1
:CP: Bailey Pencil Cup LI:1
Apple Fall Halloween Plush Pack - Butterscotch Fox LI:1
Apple Fall Halloween Plush Pack - Charlie Cat LI:1
Apple Fall Oxford Wingback Chair LI:4
Apple Fall Steadfast Dining Chair - Charcoal LI:1
Aqua Plushie of Affection LI:5
Astralia - Boho Dining set (chair) LI:3
Astralia - Nostalgic K-pop (Tapestry) LI:2
Astralia - Outcast High School Dorm (Skybox) LI:62
Astralia - Outcast High School Dorm (Tape) LI:5
BackBone Vinyl Record Storage - Black LI:1
Cello_End_Pin LI:22
Cosmic Dust -  Deer Plushie Blueberry - {Rez} LI:1
DEAD DOLL - Iris Tutu -  Pride Ed. (Maitreya) LI:130
DRD -  Boho Backyard Party LI:6
FAYDED - Paper Stack LI:1
MishMish - Flamingo - Candy - stance 6 LI:1
Muniick Mixed Muette Book Stack LI:1
MusicStand_Bolts LI:4
Nutmeg. Artist's Alcove Papers LI:2
Nutmeg. Country House Skates LI:8
Pitaya - Mexico Dreams Bed WHITE adult LI:18
Rug-Woven Colorful LI:1
The Horror!~ Posterz - Dreamer (FLF Birthday Bash Gift) LI:1
West Village Mona Office Chair - Painted Grey LI:2
[Cosmic Dust] - Cuddly Friends - Brown Bear - Decor LI:2
dust bunny . book pile LI:1
dust bunny . clothing rack . colorful LI:18
dust bunny . dino plush . green (hold me) LI:1
dust bunny . sheep plush . pink (hold me) LI:1
hive // sweet plushies . doggy LI:1
hive // sweet plushies . monkey LI:1
hive // sweet plushies . unicorn LI:1
hive // tipsy tumbler . bunny & phone . decor LI:1
otaku laptop LI:2
tarte. book stack LI:1
tarte. emily accent chest LI:3
{moss&mink} Drop Curtain L (S) LI:3
{moss&mink} Drop Curtain R (S) LI:3
{moss&mink} Heart mirror & Brush LI:1
{moss&mink} Holo Cat Cushion LI:1
{what next} Emily Jewellery Box - closed LI:1

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Good Enough

Astralia - Fantasy Core Wedding (Decor Fatpack)
- Astralia - Fantasy Core Wedding - Chapel Ruins
- Astralia - Fantasy Core Wedding - Venue Carpet
- Astralia - Fantasy Core Wedding - Official Book Stand
- Astralia - Fantasy Core Wedding - Bench
- Astralia - Fantasy Core Wedding - Candle
- Astralia - Fantasy Core Wedding - Flower Decor
- Astralia - Fantasy Core Wedding - Vows Arch
Available NOW @ Equal10
.also featured.
stormwood. roman paving stone path
titans. weeping willow
lunaria. tree of dreams 
tuesdays. caged wall sconce
tuesdays. chub candle - short
tuesdays. candlestick wall sconce
foxcity. prop floor petals - black
hive. floor candelabra - wrought iron