Friday, August 23, 2019

We Run This Beach

I've always wanted to live on the beach, or at least go stay in a beach house for the summer. Can't lie that setting up this beautiful little Lagoon Beach Cottage set from {Old Barn Door} at the Baja Norte Sim was both fun and rewarding to spend an afternoon at the beach! Even it if was only Second Life, I still enjoyed my time by the water! ♥♥

Tune  We Run This Beach

{Old Barn Door} Lagoon Beach Cottage Set

All items Available @ the {Old Barn Door} Mainstore

{OBD} Lagoon Beach Cottage
{OBD} Lagoon Chair
{OBD} Lagoon Lantern
{OBD} Lagoon Doormat
{OBD} Lagoon Curtains
{OBD} Lagoon Table
{OBD} Lagoon Breakfast
{OBD} Lagoon Sofa [A]
{OBD} Lagoon Clock

{OBD} Lagoon Kitchen
{OBD} Lagoon Mini Fridge
{OBD} Lagoon Microwave
{OBD} Lagoon Cookware
{OBD} Lagoon Kettle
{OBD} Lagoon Mixer [Yellow]
{OBD} Lagoon Basket
{OBD} Lagoon Bowls
{OBD} Lagoon Soap Dispenser
{OBD} Lagoon Utensils
{OBD} Lagoon Dishes
{OBD} Lagoon Cleaners
{OBD} Lagoon Books
{OBD} Lagoon Trash
{OBD} Lagoon Stool
{OBD} Lagoon Plant
{OBD} Lagoon Hutch
{OBD} Lagoon Shelf [White]
{OBD} Lagoon Bed [A]
{OBD} Lagoon End Table
{OBD} Lagoon Clock
{OBD} Lagoon Rug
{OBD} Lagoon Table
{OBD} Lagoon Breakfast
{OBD} Lagoon Sofa [A]

- Other Decor - 
KAZZA - Beach Wall Deco - Anchor frame
KAZZA - Beach Wall Deco - Clock
(Luc.) Serenity Mist Abstract Painting