Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Afternoon Lunch

Can't deny it a single bit that I'm a major foodie. Lunch is my favorite meal of the day, and nothing beats a nice fancy lunch other than a great view with a bright sun, as well as a variety of food of course! Not to mention I have a heck of a sweet tooth too, so trying not to snack on something sweet following what I find to be one of the most important meals of the day that keep you going, is really, really hard sometimes when you just want a soft yet sweet flavor...
Have I mentioned yet that Blueberry Muffins are my all-time favorite?


[Kres] Country Kitchen - Lemons - RARE - C/M
[Kres] Country Kitchen - Plates - C/M
[Kres] Country Kitchen - Linen - C/M
[Kres] Country Kitchen - Bread sticks - C/M
[Kres] Country Kitchen - Cheese and Figs - RARE - C/M
[Kres] Country Kitchen - Mugs - C/M
[Kres] Country Kitchen - Napkin - C/M
[Krescendo] Country Kitchen Gacha @ current round of Epiphany

- Other Decor - 
dust bunny . sweetheart lunch . grilled cheese
dust bunny . sweetheart lunch . churro hearts
dust bunny . harvest feast . plate of food
dust bunny . sweetheart lunch . strawberry salad serving bowl
dust bunny . harvest feast . pumpkin slice
dust bunny . harvest feast . green beans
West Village Macaron Assortment
West Village Blueberries & Cream Muffins
Apple Fall 'Elvira' Plate w/ Sliced Grapefruit
Apple Fall Swan Toast Caddy & Toast
Apple Fall 'Elvira' Rose Tea
Apple Fall Wild Thistles
Apple Fall Banana Tree
hive // areca palm plant
Ariskea[Botanica]  Macrame TableCloth
Ariskea[Botanica]  Wood table
Ariskea[Botanica] Wood XBack Chair
Kalopsia - Junie's Rug